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The Perceptual Holograms of Dieter Jung, by Jeno Lu in Zhai Bao Rong Contemporary Art (Vol. Dieter Jung (born March 9, 1941 in Poor Wildungen, Hessia) is a German artist working in the field of holography, painting and installation fine art.

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Coming from Van Eyck to Bruegel: Early Netherlandish Painting in The Metropolitan Museum of Artwork ( New York: City Museum of Art, 98 ). Due to artwork historians’ recent interest in the field of pet studies, as well as esse’s desire to contribute to awareness and transformation of humans’ relationship of domination with nature and the realm regarding the living, i was however encouraged to take a better look at this trend.

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Athens Video Art Festival is really a dynamic international celebration of digital arts plus new media that signifies Greece worldwide, as that is the official movie art festival of Greece. The Art Gallery associated with Nova Scotia is proud to present The Last Frontier in partnership with typically the Halifax Regional Municipality in addition to Centre Culturel français|French Embassy in Canada and along with support through the Canada Authorities for the Arts plus Nova Scotia Department of Tourism, Culture and History. Opening in September spring 2012, Experimenta Speak to Me, 5th International Biennial regarding Media Art will be an exhibition featuring interactive, screen based and installation artworks that investigate interconnectivity, communication, technology and just what it means, at the moment, to be able to be together.

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