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See also the detailed text on this issue in the long version of the S3-guideline on endometrial cancer (an english version will be available soon) For patients with inoperable endometrial cancer, radiotherapy alone is a treatment approach with curative intent. Chapter 5 “Management of endometrial precancers and early endometrial cancer” in the long version of the S3-Guideline)

Patients with type I (stage pT1a, pNX/0 without involvement of the myometrium, G3) endometrioid endometrial cancer may be treated with vaginal brachytherapy to reduce the risk of vaginal recurrence. Postoperative vaginal brachytherapy for type I, stage I – II endometrial cancer Neither brachytherapy nor percutaneous radiotherapy should be carried out in patients with stage pT1a, pNX/0, G1 or G2 endometrioid endometrial cancer (type I) after hysterectomy with or without lymph-node dissection. Postoperative external radiotherapy of the pelvis for type I, stage I – II endometrial cancer Patients with endometrial cancer (pT1a without myometrial infiltration, G1) who do not want to have children at that point in time should receive maintenance therapy (levonorgestrel-releasing IUD, oral contraceptives, cyclical progestogens) and should have an endometrial biopsy every 6 months.

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If the patient does not want to have children at present, she must be given maintenance therapy. If a patient with atypical endometrial hyperplasia wishes to preserve her uterus, the uterus and adnexa may be preserved if laparoscopy combined with vaginal ultrasound or MRI is carried out to best assess the risk of adnexal involvement/myometrial infiltration. The grading of recommendations incorporates the results of evaluated trials, the applicability of study results to target patient groups, the feasibility in daily clinical practice, ethical obligations, and patient preferences Advocacy groups for affected women (womenʼs health organizations, patient and self-help organizations);

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Association Between Palliative Care and Patient and Caregiver Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Effects of Early Integrated Palliative Care in Patients With Lung and GI Cancer: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Early integration of palliative care facilitates the discontinuation of anticancer treatment in women with advanced breast or gynecologic cancers. Early palliative care for patients with advanced cancer: a cluster-randomised controlled trial.

In describing the case of a child with acute leukaemia, he shows how important it is to find out what condition the patient was in before he developed cancer. As a German company engaged in long-term trade relations with Tanzania, africrops! The lively discussion centred around the European Union’s free trade agreements with African countries – the so-called Economic Partnership Agreements – and possibilities for direct intervention of German Development Cooperation in the African private sector. we notice the same development, responding to an ever-increasing demand for baobab, not only as a bulk product but also for our “The Essence of Africa” baobab powder, which is available in major German supermarkets such as Rewe, Edeka and Alnatura.

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Could different follow-up modalities play a role in the diagnosis of asymptomatic endometrial cancer relapses?: an Italian multicentric retrospective analysis. Lymphadenectomy should be performed up to the renal vein in patients with intermediate-high risk endometrial cancer.

The main purpose of the round table discussion in the africrops! These insights should help the women to optimize the processing of agricultural products back in Tanzania. The participants can get an idea of the processes involved in packaging and filling according to German quality standards.

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Physicians of the Competence Oncology Center of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds (Kompetenz Centrum Onkologie des GKV-Spitzenverbandes) and the Medical Service of German Health Funds (MDK-Gemeinschaft) were involved in an advisory capacity during the formulation of specific aspects of this S3-guideline which were relevant for social medicine. , German Cancer Society – Certification Department (coordinated the compilation of quality indicators) The guideline was compiled with the direct participation of two patient representatives. The complete long version including a list of all conflicts of interest of all authors, a short version, the guideline report and the external literature search are available in German on the homepage of the Oncology Guidelines Program under: Recommendations are given for the follow-up care of endometrial cancer, recurrence and metastasis.

The project is a typical example of the work of africrops!: our unique approach does not only focus on the purchase of raw materials, but also entails the active participation in setting up local production chains in Africa. The project in Tanzania comprises a number of objectives, including the development of moringa farmland and a so-called Center of Excellence. was approached by Kolping Germany with a request to conduct a feasibility study on moringa cultivation in Tanzania.

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The indications for psycho-oncological interventions must be based on the patientʼs ascertained individual needs, the respective setting, and the stage of disease (primary diagnosis, surgery, adjuvant therapy, recurrence-free period, recurrence phase, palliative phase) and must take the wishes of the patient into account. Topical application of estrogen after primary therapy for endometrial cancer may be considered if the results of treatment with an inert lubricant jelly or cream were unsatisfactory.

During the consultation with her physician, the patientʼs individual preferences, needs, worries and fears must be elicited and taken into account. Providing generally intelligible data about associated risks (e.g., information on the reduction of risk in absolute figures) supports the patient and allows her to make an independent decision for or against medical measures. Cancer patients and their relatives must be informed as early as possible about the available options for psychosocial support, counseling and treatment; they must be informed during all stages of disease and must be helped to access these options based on their individual needs. There can be no doubt, however, that this cases meets the criterion “life-threatening disease”.

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