Berthold Seitz

Berthold Seitz

Lövdén, M., Schellenbach, M., Grossman-Hutter, B., Krüger, A., as well as Lindenberger, U. Social participation attenuates decline in perceptual speed in old and very old age.

Baltes (Eds. ), The future of aging: Individual and societal implications (pp. Co-constructing human executive technologies in old era: Lifespan psychology as a new conceptual foundation. Duarte (Eds. ), The Wiley guide on the cognitive neuroscience of memory (pp. Aging, professional expertise, and cognitive plasticity: The sample situation of imagery-based memory operating in expert graphic artists (Studien und Berichte / Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung No . Selection of high-imagery words for your study of episodic memory from middle childhood to old age.

Birkbeck Seminar, Department of Mental Sciences, Birkbeck, University associated with London, London, UK. twenty fifth Ernst Strüngmann Forum “Manifestations and Mechanisms of Variable Brain Coordination over Development”, Frankfurt am Main. Typically the complex nature of distinctive and shared effects inside hierarchical linear regression: Effects for developmental psychology.

Irinotecan combined with infusional 5-fluorouracil/folinic acid or capecitabine plus celecoxib or placebo in the first-line treatment of individuals with metastatic colorectal tumor. Pooled safety and efficiency analysis examining the result of performance status about outcomes in nine first-line treatment trials using personal data from patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.

Should adjuvant chemotherapy become standard treatment for patients with stage II digestive tract cancer? Gemcitabine plus capecitabine compared to gemcitabine alone in advanced pancreatic cancer: the randomized, multicenter, phase III trial of the Europe Group for Clinical Tumor Research as well as the Central Western european Cooperative Oncology Group.

prof. dr. gerd geerling

Typically the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 275 Years Jubilee Symposia on “Aging associated with Societies, Bodies, and Minds: Trends, Evolution of Capabilities, and Health”, Umea College, Sweden. Department of Political and Social Sciences, Western University Institute, Badia Fiesolana.

Planting season academy of the LIFE International Max Planck Analysis School, Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. Older brains aren’t all alike: Individual variations in brain activation patterns during working memory performance. Symposium on Integrative Theoretical Neuroscience, University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Keynote Lecture, next Annual Research Day, Centre for Cognitive Ageing in addition to Cognitive Epidemiology, Edinburgh.

Lövdén, M., Bergmann, L., Adolfsson, R., Lindenberger, U., as well as Nilsson, L. -G. Health affects changes in perceptual speed in advanced old age: Longitudinal evidence for a dynamic link. Gerstorf, D., Lövdén, M., Röcke, C., Smith, J., & Lindenberger, U.

Phase I study of the weekly schedule of Irinotecan, high dose leucovorin plus infusional 5-Fluorouracil as first line chemotherapy in individuals with advanced colorectal cancer. treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer: outcomes of a multivariate analysis of 3825 sufferers. Adjuvant take care of colorectal cancer (current expert opinion produced from the Third International Conference: Perspectives in Colorectal Cancer, Dublin,. European Business of Research and Treatment of Cancer Gastrointestinal Group Study 40952.

Immediate start of therapy is important as well as persistent and persevering application of typically the treatment. Conclusions Even in severe chemical burn an optimal result is possible by simply using an adequate therapy conception. This Symposium will certainly be organized by Ghent University and the Free University of Brussels under the auspices and with typically the financial support of the Research Foundation-Flanders (FWO-Vlaanderen).

Is intra-arterial Chemotherapy worthwhile in the particular tratment of patients along with unresectable hepatic colorectal cancer metastases? Modulation of 5-Fluorouracil with methotrexate and reduced dose N-(phosphonacetyl)-L-aspartat in sufferers with advanced colorectal cancer. Effective biomodulation by leucovorin of high dose infusional 5-Fluorouracil given as a weekly 24-hour infusion: Results of a randomized trial in patients with sophisticated colorectal cancer. Analysis regarding the p53/BAX pathway in colorectal cancer: low BAX is a negative prognostic factor in patients along with resected liver metastases.

Cardiotoxicity of 5-fluorouracil in combination with folinic acid in patients with gastrointestinal cancer. Double modulation of 5-Fluorouracil, with methotrexate and low-dose n-(phosphone-acetyl)-L-aspartate (PALA) does not improve outcomes in advanced pancreatic malignancy. Pilotstudy on intensive every week 24h intraarterial infusion along with 5-FU and folinic acidity for colorectal liver metastasis. Anatomical variations in typically the internal jugular veins of cancer patients affecting main venous access.

Ukraine: (E Kravchenko), N Chentsova, Kiev Centre for AIDS, Kiev; V Frolov, Gary the gadget guy Kutsyna, Luhansk State Medical University; Luhansk; S Servitskiy, Odessa Region AIDS Middle, Odessa; M Krasnov, Kharkov State Medical University, Kharkov. Belgium: (N Clumeck), T De Wit, Michael Delforge, Saint-Pierre Hospital, Brussels; R Colebunders, Institute associated with Tropical Medicine, Antwerp; L Vandekerckhove, University Ziekenhuis Delicate, Gent.

prof. dr. gerd geerling

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