CH 12 Drugs for that Gastrointestinal System Flashcards simply by Debbie Nguyen

CH 12 Drugs for that Gastrointestinal System Flashcards simply by Debbie Nguyen

99. Alli promotes weight loss by decreasing absorption of ___________ in the intestine.

If the absolute neutrophil count (ANC) drops under 1000/mcL, the drug must be discontinued permanently. Anticholinergic effects are common together with FGAs, so this assertion indicates a need regarding further teaching. Tardive dyskinesia can occur in patients during long-term therapy along with FGAs.

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Phenobarbital has a long half-life and is given to relieve barbiturate withdrawal and control symptoms of abstinence. Suboxone does not differ from Subutex in terms associated with drug half-life. The mixture of buprenorphine and naloxone (Suboxone) discourages intravenous mistreatment, because with IV employ, the naloxone precipitates drawback; this effect does not necessarily occur with sublingual dosage (Subutex). using naloxone (Narcan) to reverse the outcomes of the barbiturates, due to the fact cross-tolerance is likely.

more mature adultExplanation: Laxative abuse is quite common among older grown-up patients.

watching pinpoint pupil, respiratory depressive disorder, and possibly coma in this patient. minimal breathing depression, since the patient offers developed a tolerance to be able to opioids. a severe continence syndrome when the effects of the barbiturates are reversed. Benzodiazepines are the medication of preference for acute episodes of tension because of their rapid onset of activity.

Explain unique anatomical features of which enable the stomach to perform digestive functions. Explain how the stomach is protected through self-digestion and why this really is necessary. The breakdown of protein begins in the stomach through the steps of HCl and typically the enzyme pepsin.

The mouth and its accessory parts (tongue in addition to teeth) perform the mechanised action of splitting up meals into smaller pieces. Folks with anorexia have a new (high/low) blood potassium level, resulting in heart ___________________.

Central nervous system effects of baclofen include weakness, dizziness, tiredness, and drowsiness. Isoflurane will not cause myocardial depressive disorders and does not decrease cardiac output.

Alli promotes weight reduction by decreasing absorption regarding ___________ in the gut. Explanation: Weight-loss drugs might be prescribed for patients using a body mass index regarding 27 as result associated with the weight, or have the BMI of 30. Explanation: Emetics are drugs that cause vomiting in situations of poisoning. The stools may range from one to 2 semisoft bar stools with small amounts regarding blood to 10 to 20 bloody stools per day time.

“Pentothal will be used to lessen cardiovascular in addition to respiratory depression caused by simply the inhaled anesthetic. Pentazocine is an agonist-antagonist opioid, and when given to a patient who is literally dependent on morphine, it may precipitate withdrawal. Encourage the patient to turn over in addition to cough and take deep breaths. Taking the medicine will ensure that she not any longer has seizures. Lamotrigine can cause life-threatening rashes, such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis, and this risk raises with concurrent use regarding valproic acid.

Right now there is no caution to reduce the dosage or perhaps increase the dosing time period in patients with suprarrenal impairment who take fexofenadine. Naproxen is COX-1 picky, and the risk associated with MI and stroke appear lower with this drug than with other NSAIDs.

Peptic ulcer disease is caused simply by the excessive secretion associated with hydrochloric acid (HCl). Irritants for example coffee, alcohol, and tobacco may result inside gastritis. It is crucial not to be able to treat abdominal pain along with an analgesic until a search for the underlying trigger has been conducted. Because the remedy of abdominal pain together with an analgesic may hold off discovery of a significant condition, it is important not to give medicines until a search offers been made for the _________ of the pain.

Pain associated with duodenal ulcers occurs 2 in order to 3 hours after a food; it may relieved simply by more food. The make use of of increasingly greater quantities of the drug to experience the same effect and a negative physical response any time the substace is no longer taken.

inflammation of typically the organ lying behind the lower part of the particular stomach (pancreas). Inflammation that will damages the tube working through the throat to the particular stomach (esophagus). Cancer associated with the tube that runs from the throat to the stomach (esophagus).

Neurotransmitter that inhibits or perhaps reduces the activity associated with nerve cells (neurons) within just the brain. Organic brain syndromes that may derive from long-term heavy alcohol make use of.

high stomach acidity quizlet psychology chapter 11

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