pagan (pohanský); synonyms (adj) heathen, irreligious, (n) idolater. pohanka buckwheat; synonyms (n) grain, branks, cereal, maize, millet, oats, rice, rye. pohanský pagan (pohan); synonyms (adj) heathen, gentile, heathenish, ethnic, irreligious, (n) idolater, infidel. pohanství paganism; synonyms (n) heathenism, heresy, idolatry, atheism, barbarism, ethnicism, gentilism, gentility, ignorance, pagandom.

It began as a lyric of two stanzas, each stanza having four or five lines only, and rhyming triolet-wise upon two sounds . either a triolet or a ten-line variant of the triolet.

asonance assonance; synonyms (n) verse, crambo, foot, measure, meter, rhythm, strain, melody, poetry, rhyme.

pohár 1. cup (šálek); synonyms (n) chalice, basin, trophy, destiny, fate, bowl, cupful, glass, portion, bleed, 2. goblet; synonyms (n) cup, mug, beaker, flask, jorum, flute, horn, (v) barometer, especially, glaze. pohlavek slap (plesknout); synonyms (n) smack, cuff, blow, hit, whack, (v) clap, knock, beat, buffet, (adv) bang.

overt (zjevný); synonyms (adj) blatant, open, obvious, apparent, clear, explicit, flagrant, barefaced, conspicuous, naked; antonyms (adj) camouflaged, concealed, covert, indirect, 2. public (obecenstvo, publikum, veřejnost); synonyms (adj) common, national, overt, civic, general, communal, mutual, (n) folk, community, people; antonyms (adj) private, confidential, personal. věřit believe; synonyms (v) think, accredit, assume, conceive, consider, guess, reckon, understand, (n) belief, trust; antonyms (v) disbelieve, distrust.

poetry; synonyms (n) poem, poesy, verse, song, rhyme, style; antonym (n) prose, 2. verse (verš); synonyms (n) poetry, stanza, strain, measure, clause, paragraph, canto, chapter, count, distich.

  • postcard; synonyms (n) epistle, letter, mail, 2.
  • pohanství paganism; synonyms (n) heathenism, heresy, idolatry, atheism, barbarism, ethnicism, gentilism, gentility, ignorance, pagandom.
  • .The form is more suitable to clever light verse than to poetry.
  • The rhymes should be natural and not rhyme-induced, and the entire treatment natural and adapted to please and amuse.


It is wise, for rhyme 4, which must be repeated eighteen times, and similar others repeated constantly in the fixed forms, to choose a comparatively simple rhyming sound, such as the E here, to prevent a lack of rhyming words. ended, bended, fended or defended, Jen did, Len did, mended or amended, depended, rended, tended or attended, vended, wended, and, using double and triple consonantal initial sounds, blended, friended and befriended, expended for sp, extended for st, trended, then did, splendid, and this can be supplemented with men did and many other two-word rhymes. Here are at least eighteen rhyming mates, which can be used as the 2 rhyme in a ballade, which requires fourteen rhyming mates.

pohlavní sexual (sexuální); synonyms (adj) sensual, sexy, erotic, intimate, amphigonic, cozy, familiar, gross, informal, inner. pohlazení caress (laskání, mazlení); synonyms (n) rub, touch, endearment, (v) fondle, stroke, pat, pet, tickle, coddle, cuddle. pohlcení absorption; synonyms (n) assimilation, attention, concentration, inhalation, engrossment, ingestion, preoccupation, abstraction, amalgamation, interest. pohled 1. view (výhled); synonyms (n) look, sight, judgment, opinion, scene, idea, outlook, prospect, (v) regard, observe, 2.

The stanza rhyme scheme is 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 4, 5R, 5R being the refrain; with the envoy 4, 4, 5, 3, 5R. The rhyming throughout is accurate, and the result is a perfect chant royal. The form is intricate, and the method of checking the various rhyme sounds as they are put down should be followed, to be sure that no rhyming sound is repeated. A great deal of reworking is often necessary to perfect such a form as this. In order to make the envoy the culmination of the verses, it is often necessary to shift the strongest and most vigorous rhyming sounds to it and substitute other words in the earlier stanzas.

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