Competition and Co-operation: The Ambivalent Relationship between Jews and Christians in Early Modern Germany and Pa on JSTOR

Competition and Co-operation: The Ambivalent Relationship between Jews and Christians in Early Modern Germany and Pa on JSTOR

Public Transportation in order to Gerd Münstermann Steuerberater in Hannover

Data Mining provides methods to analyze data and to learn models which can be used to support users. This graph resembles the folksonomy structure of social bookmarking systems, where users addtags to resources. title = Semantics made by you and me: Self-emerging ontologies can capture the diversity of shared knowledge, Semantics made by you and me: Self-emerging ontologies can capture the diversity of shared knowledge. keywords = 2010 collaborative from:hotho myown semantic tagging taggingsurvey www www2010,

Social bookmarking systems constitute an established part of the Web 2.0. Our experiments are performed on data of the social bookmarking system and on rankings and log data from Google, MSN, and AOL. In the first part, we compare the user activity and behaviour in both kinds of systems, as well as the overlap of the underlying sets of URLs. In this study, we compare search in social bookmarking systems with traditionalWeb search.

The data are in good agreement with the Blyholder model for CO chemisorption (σ-donation-π-backdonation scheme) and indicate that saturation corresponds to the formation of a closed electronic shell of the neutral. The program was repeated for a composer’s colloquium at the University of Oldenburg, conducted by Violeta Dinescu. [PDF] VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPY OF CLUSTERS USING A MAGNETIC BOTTLE ELECTRON SPECTROMETER – Semantic Scholar

Ontology engineering beyond the modeling of concepts and relations S Staab, A Maedche A conceptual architecture for semantic web enabled web services C Bussler, D Fensel, A Maedche IJCAI-2003, Acapulco, Mexico, August 2003 (see long version at ontology workshop and revised version at K-Cap-2003). Observing and Recommending from a Social Web with Biases , Technical Report, 37 pages, University of Southampton, March 2016.

Big Data Analytics for Proactive Industrial Decision Support: Approaches & First Experiences in the Context of the FEE Project. Machine learning classifiers predict whether the number of citations that a publication receives in a year exceeds the median number of citations in that year, based on the usage counts of the preceding year. Furthermore, grouping publications by user-generated tags results in topic-homogeneous subsets that exhibit higher correlations with citations than the full corpus. Our analysis, using a corpus of more than 250,000 publications published before 2010, reveals that overall, citations and altmetrics in BibSonomy are mildly correlated.

  • Document Retrieval for Email Search and Discovery using Formal Concept Analysis.
  • Our work has implications for a number of problems related to social tagging systems, including search, tag recommendation, and the acquisition of light-weight ontologies from tagging data.
  • Given the primarily syntactical nature of data Web mining operates on, the discovery of meaning is impossible based on these data only.
  • The challenge to provide tag recommendations for collaborative tagging systems has attracted quite some attention of researchers lately.
  • Communities are a central aspect in the formation of social interaction networks.

gerd handschuh

We distinguish our approach from several other systems and describe two sensing applications namely AirProbe and WideNoise that were implemented for our platform. Furthermore, we introduce the concept of extensions, which allows to enrich existing data points with additional information, thus, taking a data point centric approach.

History of cello and speaking tone of voice[edit]

SPLODGE: Systematic Generation of SPARQL Benchmark Queries for Linked Open Data. Exploitation of Gaze Data for Photo Region Labeling in an Immersive Environment.

Mining the World Wide Web — Methods, Ap- plications, and Perspectives. This exposes important features of the investigated similarity measures and indicates which ones are better suited in the context of a given semantic application. We show, how a simple recommender based on counting tags from users and resources can perform almost as good as the best recommender. Short queries typically consisting of two to three words describe a user’s information need. g., the concatenation of multi-word lexems to single terms in, and that real-world events may trigger similar behaviour in both kinds of systems.

P-tag: large scale automatic generation of personalized annotation tags for the web PA Chirita, S Costache, W Nejdl, S Handschuh Authoring and annotation of web pages in CREAM S Handschuh, S Staab Laura Dragan Research Fellow at Web and Internet Science Researchh Group, University of Southampton Vit Novacek Insight Centre for Data Analytics at National University of Ireland Galway

gerd handschuh

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