Gerd Ruge

Programs are accepted from writers and directors with their particular first place of residence in Germany, and particularly through NRW. The grant is usually endowed with around a hundred, 000 Euros, enabling documentary filmmakers an opportunity to develop their projects regarding the cinema.

How Netflix’s ‘Dark Crystal’ Creation Team Connected Prequel Series to the Original When a big, prestigious, internationally famous arthouse filmmaker, hoisted by simply his acclaim, gets typically the possiblity to make a “crossover” movie somewhere other as compared to his native country (generally, though not always, the chinese language spoken in the film will probably be English), it is likely to seem like a fantastic idea on paper, yet often doesn’t work out there so [… ]

“NRW State Award – Gerd Ruge — Winner of the 93 NRW State Prize”. Considering that 2002, the Gerd Ruge-Stipendium (worth 100, 000 Euro in total) is granted to makers of documentary motion pictures. In 1961, Ruge, together with Felix Rexhausen darüber hinaus Carola Stern, founded typically the German section of Together with her work as the film-maker, she teaches film and media courses in various universities, presently typically the Academy for Media Artistry Cologne. She completed the postgraduate degree at typically the Academy for Media Artistry Cologne in 1999 to become a member of the particular commission on the Oberhausen Short Film Days in 2001.

Like a tragical twist of fate typically the invalidity of his kids brought to him the particular long sought subject for his photographical passion and his artistic abilities to existence. He or she is living quite secluded with his Japanese wife Amy within a wooden cabin within a Californian city, in addition to for this film he will create a series which reflects on the particular precarious togetherness between blind and sighted lovers and partners.

“Anonymous Asks”, a good installation spin-off of the girl film, will be exhibited in the Fotomuseum Winterthur within Switzerland from late April 2019. In 2017, the lady and other filmmakers founded the “Under the Influence” film programme in Cologne. Her work has processed through security at international festivals like Karlovy Vary, Solothurn in addition to Oberhausen, and has received prizes including the H. R.

Typically the Iran Job became an Academy Award contender, in addition to Schauder received funding through the prestigious Gerd-Ruge-Stipendium by Medienstiftung NRW to develop Whenever God Sleeps, which characteristics nine songs by Najafi and it is titled after Najafi’s book Wenn Gott Schläft. Directed by Till Schauder, When God Sleeps is a rap-punk-rock documentary about Iranian musician Shahin Najafi, that is forced into covering after hardline clerics problem a fatwa for their death, incensed by a new rap song that centers on the oppression of girls and human rights abuses. Co-Production CORSO Film- und Fernsehproduktion with ZDF/3Sat, using the support of Gerd Ruge Stipendium der Film- sowie Medienstiftung NRW, 2016

Shahin and Leili’s experience make their relationship a new modern-day Romeo and Juliet. Shahin’s frantic escape contributes to an impossible romance if he falls in love together with Leili Bazargan. Kraniotakes, Taha and Eskijew share the particular desire being recognised as athletes and achieving global success.

gerd ruge stipendium

Against the backdrop of the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks plus the global right-wing backlash against Middle Eastern refugees, “When God Sleeps aims to understand a controversial artist and his journey from paralyzing fear to a remnant regarding freedom, ” Schauder states. The clerics issued the fatwa for the artist/activist because of a rap song that focused on the oppression of ladies, sexism and human legal rights abuses.

gerd ruge stipendium

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