Going Metal Thread 2012

Going Metal Thread 2012

I liked about half the songs on the new Lullacry, but it’s definitely going to have a hard time competing for listening time against Christian Mistress, Nightwish, Ideas, Lyriel, Xandria, Liv Moon, Diabulus in Musica, Epica, L’Ame Immortelle and Lunar Path. read a little article in decibel about the recording and they’ve supposedly never spent nearly as long writing an album and writing together as a band.

Still making up my mind on the ambient-metal-ish records from Desiderii Marginis, Les Fleurs Du Mal, Cold Womb Descent and the shoe gauzy Marriages. – Azoic’s Gateways, which sounds to me a lot like a version of Mitochondrion or DSO with a slightly shorter attention span.

I need it one of my school projects, and it has the same theme as this post. found, a long time for me needed to take some notes on. Youve certainly got a way of reaching people that I havent seen very often. It’s catch as catch can so that I noticed a list of hot shots using it courses where available there.

xxp wait there is a sequel to that Blood of Heroes album? Saying your opinion of music is kind of the thing for which ILM exists. When in fact the record is in fact got more shit going on than the last couple. Or maybe, he just has different taste and that post makes you look a bit like a dick.

Die Verbannten Kinder Evas is neo-classical darkwave that’s pretty but tends to blend into the background. she’s got a pretty rough voice (it’s flat sometimes, but she’s got a ton of energy that makes up for it imho) and not cookie monster vox.

  • Each Blut Aus Nord album seems almost indistinguishable from the one before, to me, but I feel like they’re slowly perfecting something odd and fascinating.
  • re: Evoken, the second track (“Descent Into Chaotic Dream”) is pretty stunning.
  • Listened to the Bullet record today, and I basically just wish that the singer was *slightly* less terrible.
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  • otoh, grim kim’s list seems really cool and makes me want to check out a bunch of albums even though all I listen to nowadays are albums that YMO members play on or produced.
  • Because I mean, his preference is his preference whether we agree with it or not, but I can certainly understand getting annoyed by a broken (blue) record.

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They sound exactly the same – and honestly, those songs are best heard on a third-generation cassette dub anyway. I have no idea what’s different/better about the “full dynamic range” versions of the first two Napalm Death records.

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Only just hearing Stielas Storhett “Expulsé” because his shitty debut six years ago didn’t really inspire me to get it, but this is an amazing record! So I just may possibly get to see Sabbath tomorrow night after all. re: Evoken, the second track (“Descent Into Chaotic Dream”) is pretty stunning.

Only the true metal dudes can write a good power ballad and pull it off. I almost went to the show last night but didn’t want to drag myself through 40 miles of highway construction the weekend before Christmas. All the Live at Roadburn downloads have been dropped to “name your price” here: http://burningworldrecords.bandcamp.com/ . They are really stepping up their metal coverage game in a big way.

I’ve seen Mastodon four times now and enjoyed every one, but that recent Aragon live album was a little disappointing. I know they placed decently on the metal poll, but man it seems like everyone is pretty down on Mastodon around here these days. Wow, guess I’m going to have to give that album the time of day after all. Yeah, the sound at the Riv sucks, but I’ve missed out on Ghost before and I’ve never seen Opeth. I look at that album now as a soundtrack to the live show.

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