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In Germany, there exists no law specific to the management of the uranium mining legacy. The mixing of uranium mill tailings with other wastes results in the reclamation of these deposits becoming even more difficult, if not completely impossible, since the most suitable method available is always for a single contaminant only. Radioactively contaminated metal scrap from the decommissioning of the Crossen (Saxony) uranium mill is to be dumped in the Helmsdorf tailings dam. Liquids presenting a hazard to water were dumped on the top of a waste rock pile at Ronneburg (Thuringia) after the political changes.

Kombination aus (1 Präsenzveranstaltungen, (2 medienpädagogischen Materialkoffern, mit denen in pädagogischen Einrichtungen gearbeitet werden kann, und (3 interaktiven Onlineangeboten zielführend. [German] Mit dem ABC-Bogen in Hamburg entsteht in unmittelbarer Naehe zum Gaensemarkt ein Energy concept with active storage system for a Hamburg office building; ABC – Bogen.

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In the case of in-situ leaching, the uranium-bearing ore is not removed from its geological deposit, but the continuous formation of sulfuric acid within the pile, leading to a permanent leaching of uranium and due to natural leaching processes taking place, if the material piled up contains the mineral of pyrite During operation, these heap-leaching piles present hazards due to the release of dust, radon gas and,.

The maximum dust concentration value is determined, in part, on the perceived health risk associated with a particular fine particle material. This loss of product can lead to a significant increase in the cost of operation when taking into consideration the relative expense of typical fine material being dispensed, the increased reliance being placed on these products by industry, and the resultant large quantities of product being processed.

  • Within a joint project supported by the Free State Saxony a novel bearing and transport system was developed.
  • 13 shows a view of an additional embodiment of dispensing device 22′ of the present invention.
  • 11 shows a preferred embodiment of the transport line front end coupling which joins with the coupling of FIG.

(orig.) [German] Die Euratom-Richtlinie 2013/59 (”EU-Richtlinie zum Strahlenschutz”) besagt, dass sie bis zum Fruehjahr 2018 in nationales Recht der Mitgliedstaaten umgesetzt werden muss, d. [German] Bei der Stromerzeugung in der EU bestehen differenzierte Strukturen, die auf unterschiedlichen natuerlichen Gegebenheiten, politischen Entscheidungen und Investitionen vergangener Jahrzehnte beruhen. The EU electricity production structure requires a differentiated energy policy; Die Stromerzeugungsstruktur der EU erfordert eine differenzierte Energiepolitik [German] Die Verknuepfung von Aerodynamik und Thermomanagement wird vor allem bei Fahrzeugkonzepten mit hoher Leistung oder Fahrzeugen mit geringem Verbrauch ueberproportional wichtig.

[German] Da die Parameter zur Beschreibung von Raumluftstroemungen bei einer Verkleinerung der charakteristischen Laenge ein (orig./CB) [German] Bei dem von Kaplan und Norton in den USA entwickelte Managementkonzept der Balanced Scorecard wird eine

Clamping casing 62 further includes circumferential recess 835 within which is positioned circumferential spring plate 837 (partially shown in FIG. Sloping portion 821 is designed to extend further inward than the exterior surface of tube 28 as represented by dash line 827 in FIG. Alternatively, inflatable seal 80 and the frictional contact it assumes with respect to the interior of tube may be relied upon alone and without the assistance of fixing device 136. A rigid or non-rigid extension conduit 109 extends out away from exterior surface 86 of tube 28 for the introduction of a pressurized gas to pressure conduit 42 from pressurized gas source 110.

It is thus imperative that the fine material handling and disposal processes be of a type which avoids the introduction of dust into the environment. These regulations typically set a limit value on the weight of fine particle material per given volume of air or upon the number of particles per given volume of air.

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