January 2014

The Transformation regarding Jewish Consciousness in Nazi Germany as Reflected inside the German Jewish Diary Der Morgen, Exile and Emigre: A History of the Feuchtwanger Memorial Library in the University of Southern California” by Teri Scott 433074 “Feuchtwanger to Lecture for Jewish Writers Club”, Jewish Daily Bulletin 431732 Large Literary Legacy of the 1920’s is Perpetuated: Marta Feuchtwanger recreates husband’s works- Detroit

1958 1 letter to Manfred George from LF out dated 8 June 1953 one telegram 1956 1 letter from Henry Moe to be able to LF dated 22 December. 3 letters (to plus from) dated 26 03 1958 – 28 03 1958 1 letter to be able to Kirsch from unknown proclaiming to be LF dated 24 March “Lion Feuchtwanger zum Gedächtnis”- Aufbau, 14 March 1969 10th anniversary of LF’s death 171478

Marta Feuchtwanger’s 80th birthday celebration at USC Buddies of the Library banquet 414005 Marta Feuchtwanger receives honorary doctorate at USC, along with Harold von Hofe, incl. photo album with photographs of Marta Feuchtwanger receiving a honorary degree from USC 413981 Marta Feuchtwanger alone and with Peter Buchholz and Angelika Voigt 391307 Photos and negatives associated with Marta Feuchtwanger for publication “Nur Eine Frau” 391303

1958 Biographic checklist of events in T. F. ‘s life (3 copies) Einege Aufsätze just one envelope 40 letters and 3 telegrams (to and from) dated 10.

“I warn the particular Jew-Baiters” Evening time Standard (March 22, 1933) p. “What English Readers Want: Tangibility, Lucidity along with a Sense associated with Fact” T. P. is actually Weekly (17 Dec.

“Lost in translation” LF with Stalin, Moskau 1937, in Exil by Anne Hartmann 433083 “Fate of Hebrew University or college depends on American assist, Warburg says”, Los Angeles Examiner 431749

Dielmann, Leonie (extensive correspondence re production of Wahn oder Der Teufel in Boston 1949-50 inside Stuttgart) 171025 First editions of his works within German, USA, England (chart) 171369 Hebrew Union College- Doctor of Hebrew Books, honoris causa to LF, posthumously 171404 1933 Urkunden – Portuguese documents in order to exit to US, Reparation; indemnity; settlement; compensation; indemnification correspondence and documents

  • Several reasons France was condemned (Somewhere in France) by LF/PM, November 10-14, 1940 169150
  • Review of Lion Feuchtwanger, Typically the Man His Ideas, His / her Work by Spalek plus Insight and Action by simply Kahn.
  • The paperwork also contain Feuchtwanger’s considerable collection of autograph words as well as the bookseller’s catalogs used by Feuchtwanger

Edgar Pauels, Erika Pierstorff, Rolf Przybyllok, Thomas Rauch, Joachim Rger, Manfred… Five Tragedies of Sex by Honest Wedekind (intro and Article by LF 390925 Several reasons France was doomed (Somewhere in France) simply by LF/PM, November 10-14, 1940 169150

von Hofe, Harold “Lion Feuchtwanger: The Article writer plus the Library” -Coranto 391521 Overview of Lion Feuchtwanger, The particular Man His Ideas, His / her Work by Spalek and Insight and Action by Kahn. Appreciation of Lion Feuchtwanger presented at memorial of twentieth anniversary associated with his death.

Dauli, Gian (LF’s italian publisher) wonderful translator Giachetti, with LF 413848 Correspondence with foreign publishers Correspondence with literary agents Curtis Brown(London) Horch Agency (New York) Hutchison Copy of handwritten hello from AZ, Hanns in addition to Lou Eisler, and other people dated 18 Juli 1942 (original with Hanns Eisler)

Furthermore, the collection includes supplies on the establishment of the Feuchtwanger The papers also contain Feuchtwanger’s considerable collection of autograph words and the bookseller’s catalogs utilized by Feuchtwanger and historical novels; manuscripts by additional writers such as Charles Chaplin’s manuscript for Limelight; communication with

Le vesque, Paul “Mapping the particular Other: Lion Feuchtwanger’s Topographies of the Orient 431955 von Hofe, Harold “Lion Feuchtwanger: his Major Works of fiction and the Archives” -Coranto 391522

Short Biographical sketch, German, 1 pg copies of the photograph clipping 171597 LF Resource by Hilde Waldo, mixed German and English along with handwritten notes 171600

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