As a Cpanel User, i think this should be essential to anything that’s public propriety. This approach will power public spending better and accelerate technology development.

Piper J3 Cub built by Werner Eberhartinger

This will be not just for computer code but for any public study. Open-source is a necessary step for each new consumir, and to feel everybody home with the code behind the covers.

Europe should support open OS plus Office-Suite and also open Hardware. Because I’m interested how shitty the software program is that is actually used now. Spreading typically the word of totally free software is difficult because it takes time.

i do not want big companys in order to charge us for application we paid them in order to develop. It’s really stupid that government instititions is usually locked down in proprietary sofrware.

Join us now plus share the software; You will be free, hackers, you will be free. My function was done for the people, so it belongs in order to the people.


I want my taxes money to be applied to foment real progress and local(european) employment rather of external promotion of pattents. When we discuss about it Free Software, we are usually talking about Freedom, not price.

Open Source is the best way to improve many providers, in many domains. Duty paying is mandatory, that doesn’t imply the choice is supposed to be to government in EU democracies. It is a great concept, let’s start with free redistricting software to prevent gerrymandering.

As software developer, I find it frustrating that important public application is unfree. Open software is more secure, everybody can collaborate saving funds, helps create a targeted at society for citizens in addition to transparent. Then, as typically the money is from almost all tax payers, it is usually everybody who owns.

Innovations in publicly financed software should be transferred to future customer, and this happens best by open-sourcing the systems. This will allow for more protected and better software through the entire government. Look at the benefits free already leads to for so many software designers. All code should become public, even if not developed by an available community.

Furthermore, free / open source software is possibly a public good w/ positive externalities. If the public is usually funding code, they must be able to access the resource. Software Zero Days are usually easier to conceal when source code is obfuscated from the public. All of us want open access in order to the application we the people funded.

Free software was the precursor from the materialization of our collaborative nature. There’s a huge deficit within transparency in governmental concerns to begin with, this particular would be a very good step to help this specific to some degree.

This is actually the sole way to get auditable software and long-term assistance. Free software is typically the only way for individuals in order to keep control of their data.

That makes a lot regarding sense to make openly funded code open supply; if everyone pays for that, it should be openly available. With open supply comes transparency which typically leads to better privacy and security for the particular software’s users. I would like publicly financed software created for the public sector be made publicly obtainable.

gerd vincenz

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