Patentee Index

Patentee Index

Handshaw, Darran Eileen; Giordano, Joseph D.; Barkan, Edward; and Drzymala, Tag, to Symbol Technologies, LLC Imaging module for supporting printed circuit boards within a predetermined angular connection inside an imaging reader, and method of set up 10306117 Cl. H04N 5/2252. Hampton, John; and Wallace, Greg, to FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Filtration system and technique 10300411 Cl. B01D 29/50. Halker, Ravi; Tripathi, Manish; in addition to Dimke, Bernward, to WiTricity Corporation Systems, methods, and apparatus related to mutual detection and identification of electrical vehicle and charging station 10300805 Cl. B60L 11/1846. Wahl, Henry van de Velde in Weimar (2007; as in note, 141–5. The prospectus for the Dresden 1906 exhibition is reprinted inside Wahl, Henry van sobre Velde in Weimar (2007, such as note, 149–52.


He, Hong; Heo, Youn Hyoung; Fong, Mo-Han; and Khoryaev, Alexey, to Intel IP Corporation DRX procedure for UL/DL reconfiguration 10306509 Cl. H04W 28/0242. Hazard, Dorrie; Clabeaux, Sarah Elizabeth; Finley, Charles C.; and Hartley, Lee F., to Sophisticated Bionics AG Magnet installation systems and methods with regard to sa cochlear implants 10300275 Cl. A61N 1/36036.

Internationale Zeitschrift zur Erforschung der Reformation und ihrer Weltwirkungen, Beiheft Literaturbericht : An international journal worried about the history of the particular Reformation and ist significanca in worls affairs, Health supplement Literature Overview

Christopher, John Andrew; Congreve, Mls Stuart; Bucknell, Sarah Joanne; Deflorian, Francesca; Pickworth, Level; and Mason, Jonathan Stephen 10300056 Cl. A61K 31/496. Heo, Seong Il; Lee, Chi Seung; and Yang, Yoo Chang, to Hyundai Electric motor Company Fuel cell separator with gasket for enhanced sealing 10305123 Cl. H01M 8/0278. Henson, Mark; and Elliott, Adam T., to Essity Operations Wausau LLC Répartir 10299638 Cl. A47K 10/38. H.; Peters, Inge; and Van Arendonk, Anton 10299744 Cl. A61B 6/4208. Jacob, Biju; Yanoff, Brian David; Hennessy, William Andrew; Shaw, Jeffery Jon; Albagli, Douglas; Dillen, Bartholomeus G.

Pebay-Peyroula, Florian; Savry, Olivier; in addition to Hiscock, Thomas 10305682 Cl. H04L 9/0662. Hirose, Fumiaki; to Canon Kabushiki Kaisha Image processing system for retransmitting image data based upon detection of abnormality regarding reception timing of a new horizontal synchronization signal 10306089 Cl. H04N 1/00803. Hirakawa, Takayoshi; Tanaka, Yasuhiro; and Machida, Kengo, to YAZAKI CORPORATION Terminal connecting structure plus female terminal 10305213 Craigslist. H01R 13/187.

Display panel of an electric golf device with a computer generated icon D0849790 Cl. D14‑492. Thin-film capacitor manufacturing method, integrated signal mounting substrate, and semiconductor device equipped with the substrate 10306770 Cl. H05K 3/303.

11, Erfurt: Peter Behrens, “Porcelain and dining culture”: Foreground parade with cutlery, glasses, plus porcelain created for Haus Behrens in Darmstadt, 1901. ten, Erfurt: Peter Behrens, “Contemporaries and competitors”: Koloman Moser and Otto Prutscher, spectacles; Josef Hoffmann, silver and silvered alpacca cutlery, java and mocca service “Merkur, “1910, and beechwood chair (Sitzmaschine), 1905. 8, Erfurt: Peter Behrens, Ground floor, “Portraits”: Emil Rudolf Weiss, Portrait of Peter Behrens, 1906. 6, Erfurt: Philip Behrens, “Art & industry”: Vitrine right, Kettles together with heaters, 1909.

Hess, Captain christopher J.; Shelton, IV, Frederick E.; Morgan, Jerome R.; Bledsoe, Ryan A.; Withers, Douglas E.; and Entrance, Craig T., to Ethicon LLC Surgical access devices with integrated wound seal features 10299785 Cl. A61B 17/0469. Herwig, Nathaniel Christopher; to be able to NCR Corporation Augmented fact for assisting consumer transactions 10304112 Cl. G06Q 30/0625. Rooney, Ethan A.; Wahlstrand, Carl D.; King, Gary Watts.; Cross, Jr., Thomas Electronic.; Heruth, Kenneth T.; Wacnik, Paul W.; and Evanson, Jeffrey S.

Hashizume, Jun; in order to SONY CORPORATION Continuous end result of frames with constant frame rate 10306159 Cl. H04N 5/343. Hasegawa, Maki; and Shiraishi, Takuya, to Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Semiconductor module 10305411 Cl. H02P 27/06. Hasan, Masum Z.; Cheong, Elaine; plus Morrow, Monique Jeanne, to be able to Cisco Technology, Inc.

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Method with regard to testing a seal associated with a sealed bearing cavity 10302523 Cl. G01M 3/3281. Hunger, Erich; Hunger, Sebastian; in addition to Hunger, Fabian, to IML Instrumenta Mechanik Labor GmbH Wood test tool and method for visually checking a wood object 10302622 Cl. G01N 33/46. Hung, Gavin; Huang, Lawrence; and Nien, Max, to MERCK PARTICULAR GMBH Liquid-crystal medium 10301544 Cl. C09K 19/54. Hundley, Jr., Joseph W.; Verrill, Jones S.; Dooley, Larry Electronic.; and Custer, Mark, to BLUE RIDGE FIBERBOARD, INCORPORATION. Hugot, Arthur; Satge, Florian; Corbaux, Etienne; Cornet, Dernier-né; and Reneaume, Jerome, to be able to KING. COM LIMITED Screen with icon D0849787 Cl. D14‑489.

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