Rolling Metal Thread 2012

Rolling Metal Thread 2012

The new songs are good stuff too, looking forward to the album in January. I feel like both the Bullet and Witchcraft albums (both of which I was really looking forward to) are greatly inferior to each band’s previous record.

But I also don’t distrust the guy on facebook who tried explaining why he thinks it’s one of the year’s best metal albums. I don’t like the Dethklok album at all, by the way. Do I think they should’ve assigned that list to one writer? i wonder if that might not have an effect on its list placeability. That’s what we have indie for; there’s no need to let thoughts of “legacy” and the like pollute metal, which should always remain (or at least have the potential to be) the soundtrack to a 14-year-old boy thumping his scrawny chest in his bedroom.

I looked at going but tickets were way more than I wanted to spend on Scorpions, as much as I love them. Manilla Road has just been confirmed for the Noctis Fest in Calgary in September, to go along with Agalloch, Pig Destroyer, Grand Magus, Midnight, Nunslaughter, Black Witchery, and more.

Totally disagree about the rest of the album not “living up” to the first track. Big, big fan of the keyboard melody in “The Awaking,” but the subsequent tracks don’t quite live up to it. i guess as long as there’s one metallified hardcore album a year i’m happy.

Drumming was great, he hits hard and the second last track had some really strange tempo changes and stop-starts that seemed to suit his style well. Haha, I was pretty sure it was him but thought it too odd a change to be right. A Norwegian (?) sludge band playing their second ever show were a blinding start, then Hey Colossus (who I have always managed to miss until now) totally knocked me out. Oh man, that Grand Magus record is killer – made me happy I just got a new car with USB capabilities so I can rock out to it while driving. i can’t even think what the hell the 6th entombed album would even be.

i still think there is some pretty cool stuff on instinct: decay that suggested bigger/better things ahead but it never materialized, they’re pretty bad now. Yeah, I like these albums a lot too but I will not vouch for their work ethic, questionable costuming, or primadonna tendencies. Yeah, the new Sigh album is easily their most interesting work since Imaginary Sonicscape, which is their best.

  • I’m pretty sure the guest saxophone on the third track is by John Zorn, and there are probably some guest vocalists, too, but I don’t have a press release, just a download, so I can’t be sure yet.
  • I meant to ask, does Decibel send the special issue with Top 100 Death Metal albums to subscribers or no?
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  • Not sure what traction they have outside NZ, but I’m really stoked Beastwars seem to be reaching some sort of Mastodon crossover status after their self-titled debut last year; there’s enough bogans in the country that we’ve been ripe for a stoner-y band w/popular appeal to catch on.
  • found, a long time for me needed to take some notes on.

This will be my first thousands and thousands of people show in 15 or 20 years. I’m seeing Maiden in August for the first time in 25 or so years, and am really excited by the setlists that have been making the rounds. Bruce jumps around a little too much for his own good – he fell off the drum riser onto his head at the Dance of Death show I saw.

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I’ve only heard one song (“People”) but it’s great and I have my hopes up for the record as a whole. That’s a band where I can find at least two or three songs on each album that I love, even though I don’t think they’re necessarily a great band. Ha ha, that’s dedication to wanting to like a band – I usually only make it through a song or two of stuff I don’t like. I mean, that new Oxygen album is really good in a throwback hard-rock/metal way.

The Medusa reissue, due February 12th, marks the venerated reissue label’s first foray into the outer reaches of proto-metal, scuzzball garage, frazzled psychedelia, and spit polish glam that will be rolling out throughout the calendar year, including a companion compilation to First Step Beyond due Fall of 2013. “Faceless Mistress” – demo version, previously unreleased and self produced by the band.

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sounds like you already have an excellent grasp on how to post here! I do like the Scandinavian band Entrails, for whatever that’s worth. that seems like a terrible place to open a metal shop. Just finished a review of the new Malignancy album Eugenics for Burning Ambulance; it’ll be up tomorrow. I’m more interested in the more recent reissue of Pagan Altar’s first album, Judgement Of The Dead ( .

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