When God Sleeps depicts the journey of Iranian musician Shahin Najafi who is forced in to hiding after hardline clerics issue a fatwa regarding his death, incensed by a rap song that targets the oppression of ladies, sexism and human legal rights abuses. In 2012, Schauder completed his first function documentary, the critically acclaimed THE IRAN JOB, which often was released worldwide plus shortlisted for a German born Academy Award. debut characteristic SANTA SMOKES won many international awards, among them Best Director at the particular Tokyo International Film Event and the Studio Hamburg Newcomer Award. News, Schauder completed his first documentary, the critically acclaimed TYPICALLY THE IRAN JOB, that was introduced worldwide, mentioned as an Oscar contender and shortlisted with regard to a German Academy Honor. narrative debut, SANTA CIGARETTES, which he wrote, co-directed and starred in, won several international awards, one of them Best Director at the particular Tokyo International Film Event plus the Studio Hamburg Beginner Award.

In this year, Schauder completed his 1st documentary, the critically recognized THE IRAN JOB, which was released theatrically inside several countries, shortlisted for any German Oscar, and is usually available nowadays on Netflix. Schauder happens to be working on many films, including a feature documented with ARD about a group of German-Muslim activists who fight religiously motivated terrorism with performance art (Winner, ARD Top of the Docs Award 2016), and a U. S.

was born in 1965, studied sculpting and trial and error film-making at the Bremen University of Arts. The lady is a person receiving the Gerd Ruge Grant for her work on “Searching Eva”. German journalist Günter Wallraff, who gave refuge to Salman Rushdie right after his death fatwa, today offers shelter to Najafi, too.

Space Dogs Dieses Film von Elsa Kremser & Levin Peter

Just like a tragical twist of fate typically the invalidity of his sons brought to him the long sought subject regarding his photographical passion and his artistic abilities to lifestyle. He could be living quite private along with his Japanese wife Amy in a wooden cabin within a Californian city, and for this film he or she will create a sequence which reflects on the precarious togetherness between sightless and sighted lovers plus partners.

gerd ruge stipendium

pereSTROIKA ~ reCONSTRUCTION of a smooth (12+)

  • The people are surrounded by the huge, empty, and grand scenery of the islands, a lucid backdrop of the particular challenges that they encounter.
  • When God Sleeps shows the story of this particular tireless artist-activist against typically the backdrop of the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks as well as the global right-wing backlash against Middle Eastern refugees.
  • Han’s preferred film for Chongsan-ri’s Cultural House Cinema moves to another cinema, although the trio of Photography equipment entrepreneurs who run the particular “Emergences” cinema almost shed their print of Ellie Basinger vehicle “Cellular. ”
  • The documentary treatment and a new budget must be posted with the application.
  • Started his career as director with the documentary „The Whisperers“ in addition to as member of the Swiss oral history relationship Archimob realizing the early on multi-media documentary series „l’histoire c´est moi“.

“NRW State Award – Gerd Ruge : Winner of the 93 NRW State Prize”. Given that 2002, the Gerd Ruge-Stipendium (worth 100, 000 Pound in total) is awarded to company that gave you documentary motion pictures. In 1961, Ruge, with each other with Felix Rexhausen darüber hinaus Carola Stern, founded the particular German section of Together with her work as a new film-maker, she teaches film and media courses from various universities, presently typically the Academy for Media Artistry Cologne. She completed a postgraduate degree at the particular Academy for Media Artistry Cologne in 1999 to become a member of typically the commission in the Oberhausen Brief Film Days in 2001.

Provides development money to documentary filmmakers who have a compelling story to tell, have secured access to their tale and are ready to take and edit a part for production fundraising purposes. The fatwa did. ” And so we start the journey of artist Shahin Najafi, whose bold style and transgressive words of the tune put him in the crosshairs of religious clerics in his native Usa. Schauder received his MUM at the University associated with Television and Film, Munich. WHEN GOD SLEEPS could have its world premiere on the Tribeca Film Festival within 2017. Based on a new rough cut the film received a Cinema regarding Peace award for “Most Valuable Documentary of the particular Year” in Berlin this specific year.

bandits, atlanta, soviet union, 1983, aircraft hijacking, aeroflot flight 6833, zaza rusadze, documentary motion picture farbfilm verleih (in collaboration with arsenal institut für film und videokunst) Ministerium jetzt für Arbeit und Soziales, Qualifikation und Technologie des Landes NRW.

The contest, now inside its second year, honored the college student using a production budget of a minimum of $1 million for their winning screenplay “Haram” since well as a reward of $50, 000 within educational grants. The production and financing outfit Logical Pictures was launched in Cannes 2016 [… ] When the big-screen variation of “It” debuted from the box office within 2017, it landed together with a massive splash — becoming the highest grossing R-rated horror film within history, earning the largest box office sales for an adaptation of a Stephen King novel plus eventually earning more compared to $700 million worldwide.

Born in Bochum, Germany in 1985, the lady graduated in media artistry from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne inside 2013. We worked difficult to enhance your user experience and bring you a modernized version of the premier network with regard to film professionals. Then he came back to the U. S., studying acting at New York University, and releasing their narrative debut, Santa Cigarettes, which he wrote, co-directed and starred in. Right up until got his start within films under Roger Corman in Los Angeles, nevertheless later moved to Munich exactly where he earned his masters degree and directed different award-winning student films. Because the artist/activist puts his / her life on the collection each time he actions on a stage, the anxiety surrounding his dying fatwa never stops.

To the beginning of what, first of all, makes all of us human. They will tell their story, they may tell it to us. They are survivors associated with human trafficking and would like the humanity back that was robbed of all of them. How do people live their lives, if their own wish for beauty surpasses typically the physical integrity of their particular own bodies?

gerd ruge stipendium

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