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The Agreement contains commitments relating to regional integration, with the West African Claims undertaking to apply to each other the preferential treatment granted to the European Union under this Agreement. The EPA with the whole West African area was negotiated based on the targets laid down in the EU-ACP Partnership Arrangement signed in Cotonou on 23 June 2000 and revised in Luxembourg on 25 June 2005 and in Ouagadougou on 22 June 2010 (Cotonou Arrangement), and in the negotiating directives regarding EPAs with the ACP Says adopted by the Council on 12 June 2002.

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The West Africa Party takes take note and informs the European Union Party that it will do everything to ensure that the European Union’s demand regarding the negotiation of free-market agreements with the nations concerned will be appropriately examined. 6. The West Africa Party shall undertake to ensure consistency between the implementation of PAPED of the one part, and its own economic and sectoral enhancement policies and methods and budget arranging instruments of another part. d) definitely not affect the relevant provisions of the West Africa Gathering governing the communication between the competent providers of the ECOWAS Commission or the UEMOA and the customs authorities of their Member Says of any facts obtained under this Protocol which could be of fascination to the West Africa Celebration. 7. The parties shall make reference to Document 7 of the Process on mutual administrative aid in customs issues for joint enquiries on proofs of origin. 4. A movement certificate EUR.1 will be released by the customs authorities of an associate State of europe or a West African Express if the merchandise concerned can be viewed as as products originating in the European Union, West Africa or one of the other nations or territories described in Articles 6, 7 and 8 and fulfil another requirements of the Protocol.

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3. Any amendment or revision of the guidelines of origin referred to in paragraph 1 shall be carried out by way of a selection of the Joint Council of the EPA. 1. For the purposes of the Article, originating pertains to goods that comply with the rules of origin lay out in Annex A to the Process defining the idea of ‘originating products’ and the methods of administrative cooperation. 1. The Get-togethers recognise that regional integration is an essential part of their partnership and a powerful tool for reaching the objectives of this Agreement and agree to give it their robust support.

, Defence of the Seven; For an excellent overview see Fishman, Communist Party, 118-125. For figures on unique branch counts, see reports submitted by LPTB spotters held in London Transport Archives: LT0000401/002 Bus strike. ibid., this is a problem that can’t be dealt with based on data and averages and, 12: notes the way the men ‘do not necessarily calculate existence on averages, none of us does’ ‘. London Passenger Transport Work 1933 (1933 Chapter 14 23 and 24 Geo sect.

  • The Joint Implementation Committee of the EPA shall be chaired in turn for just one ( year by way of a representative of one or various other of the Parties.
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  • 2. Requests for assistance will be executed in accordance with the legal or regulatory provisions of the requested Get together.
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  • 2. The Joint West Africa – EU Parliamentary Committee will be composed, on the main one hand, of People of the European Parliament and, alternatively, by Participants of the regional Parliaments of West Africa.

3. The exporter producing out an invoice declaration will be prepared to submit anytime, at the request of the customs authorities of the exporting nation, all appropriate paperwork proving the originating position of the products concerned in addition to the fulfilment of the other requirements of the Protocol. 1. In case of the theft, reduction or destruction of a motion certification EUR.1, the exporter may connect with the customs authorities which issued it for a duplicate manufactured out on the foundation of the export documents in their possession. 3. The customs authorities may issue a motion certification EUR.1 retrospectively simply after verifying that the information supplied in the exporter’s application agrees with that in the corresponding data file. 2. For the execution of paragraph 1, the exporter must reveal in his application the area and time of exportation of the products to that your movement certificate EUR.1 relates, and state the reasons for his request. b) it is proven to the pleasure of the customs authorities that a movement certificate EUR.1 was issued but was not acknowledged at importation for complex reasons.

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MRC Statistical Committee Moment 324 (30/4/ ; IHRB Minute 267 (26/ . Final Review of the Departmental Committee on Ethyl Petrol, 78-87; Haldane, ‘Carbon Monoxide Poisoning’. Departmental Committee on Settlement for Industrial Diseases, Second Report, 10 (evidence of Dale Logan). For a good guide to just how that cultural agendas condition kinaesthetic feel, see: Leder, Absent System.

The Parties may agree on a remedy to a dispute any time. The Events shall endeavour to acknowledge a time limit for compliance with the ruling. Each Celebration shall take all of the measures necessary to adhere to the

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b) the necessity to apply the derogation for a period taking into account this circumstance of the West African Status concerned and its difficulties. 2. In all conditions, the settlement of disputes between your importer and the customs authorities of the importing region shall take place under the legislation of that country. 4. The verification shall be carried out by the customs authorities of the united states where in fact the supplier’s declaration was produced out. 6. If in conditions of reasonable doubt there is absolutely no reply within 10 a few months of the day of the verification demand or if the reply will not contain sufficient information to determine the authenticity of the document in question or the real origin of the products, the requesting customs authorities shall, except in outstanding instances, refuse entitlement to the choices. 4. If the customs authorities of the importing country decide to suspend the granting of preferential therapy to the merchandise concerned while awaiting the results of the verification, launch of the products shall be offered to the importer at the mercy of any protective measures judged necessary.

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