Verzeichnis der Personennamen on JSTOR

Verzeichnis der Personennamen on JSTOR

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Pressure-induced phase transition examine of magnesiochromite (MgCr2O4) by Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction Vibrational, elastic, and structural properties of cubic silicon carbide under pressure up to 75 GPa: Inference for a primary pressure size Experimental method regarding in situ determination regarding material textures at sychronizeds high pressure and temperature by means of great diffraction in the diamond anvil cell Pressure-volume-temperature equation associated with state of tungsten carbide to 32 GPa plus 1673 K P-V-Tequation associated with state of MgSiO3perovskite based on the MgO strain scale: A comprehensive research for mineralogy of the particular lower mantle

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—— ‘When Had been Modernism? ’, New Remaining Review, 1/175 (May–June 1989), 48–52. Find this reference: Sullivan and Poetic Impersonality’, English Literature in Change, 39 (1996), 149–70. Locate this resource: H., ‘The Clothbound Universe: Popular Physics Books, 1919–1939’, Publishing Background, 40 (1996), 53–82. Find this resource: J., Literary Futurism: Aspects of the very first Avant‐Garde (Oxford: Clarendon Push, 1990). Find this reference:

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gerd rothkirch

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